Dot Physicals

The Department of Transportation requires a regular physical for anyone holding a valid Class A Driver’s License. We make the process simple and affordable. Call to set up an appointment today!

We also offer ON-SITE Exams, drug tests, and medical cards for companies with 20 or more employees.

In-clinic exams and screenings can take less than a combined 20 minutes, depending on the completeness of your medical records.

If you would like a complete price list of our services, call our office and we can fax or email one to you today.

  • This is a random drug testing pool that includes multiple companies.
  • All regulated employees from all companies are enrolled into the consortium and eligible for selection for a random drug or alcohol test.
  • Once the required random testing percentages are met; all companies in the consortium are in compliance.
  • Perfect for owner operators & small business owners.


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